How-To Guide

To help you use our programme and navigate this site, here are some tips and answers to commonly asked questions.

First, this site is designed to work on many devices; particularly, on computers, tablets and smartphones. If you have issues with: content not displaying properly; not being able to play videos or audio; or navigating through the sessions, this is most likely due to the way you are accessing the material. To test this, try opening the content on a computer using the Google Chrome browser. We advise against using the Internet Explorer browser – in testing, users reported issues that prevented them completing sessions.

Our programme requires you to sign up the first time you use it and log in each time you return. This allows you to begin the course when it suits you, use it in a personally-tailored manner and to get reminders to your email each time a new session is available.

To register, follow the link on the Home Page and fill in your details. Take note of the username and password that you enter as you’ll need them to log in in the future.

Once you have registered or logged in, click the All Sessions link at the top of the page to see which sessions are available to you. At first, only Session 1 will appear, with a new session being added every 7 days after you register. So, if you first sign up on a Tuesday, for the next eight weeks, a new session will appear every Tuesday.

The sessions will not expire or disappear; so, you are welcome to return to them if you get interrupted, or to repeat them if you wish. However, you should complete the session in one go the first time you engage it. Where there is an audio exercise in the session, we have made a version available to play separately and download so that you can revisit it without having to find it within the session.

Please note that the programme is designed for a full week in between first completing each session, so as to ensure you have had enough time to practice what you have learned in the previous week. We will remind you each time a session becomes available, but we do recommend that you also schedule a time each week to complete the session in a peaceful place without interruptions.

As each session contains videos and audio, we also recommend having comfortable headphones or being in a quiet room when engaging them. In in particular, headphones may help you focus more with the mindfulness exercises.

If you are interrupted while completing a session, we ask that you resume it as soon as you can. This will give you the best chance of being able to pick up where you left off. If the session returns to the start instead of the last slide you were on, it is okay to skip over the slides you already completed to reach the point you left off. Remember, the sessions will not expire or disappear; so, you are welcome to complete them again and again.